KittyCatS! Community Grid-Wide Auction and Events Calendar!


Second Life’s premier Breedable Pet, KittyCatS! has a huge community that holds Auctions, Classes and other Events that are listed here for easy viewing. Please drop a Notecard with additions or changes on LickN Wonder! All Secondary Markets are welcome to be listed on this Calendar! Times are not exclusive to certain sims or auctioneers however we ask that you show respect for your fellow auctioneers and patrons when deciding when to setup an auction. All Auctions and/or Events will be listed as requested. Auctioneer’s will be able to list their vacation and return dates as requested.

Please note that we will only list Auction start times and not the length of the auctions as those times will vary! All times listed are Second Life Times (Pacific Time Zone)

If you wish for your Auction to be featured on this blogs calendar, please submit
KittyCatS! Events Update Request Form.

Time / Day:SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday
7:00 a-slt
7:30 a-slt
8:00 a-slt
8:30 a-slt
9:00 a-slt
9:30 a-slt
10:00 a-slt
10:30 a-sltKittyCatS! Auction!
Nino & Tawny
The ScratchN Post!
11:00 a-slt
11:30 a-slt
12:00 p-slt
12:30 p-slt
1:00 p-slt
1:30 p-slt
2:00 p-slt
2:30 p-slt
3:00 p-slt
3:30 p-slt
4:00 p-sltKittyCatS! Auction!
ĦɒЯιƐץ Ħ. QʋÎиИ Ő'Ħαωкιиѕσи
The ScratchN Post!
4:30 p-slt
5:00 p-slt
5:30 p-slt
6:00 p-sltKittyCatS! Auction!
ĦɒЯιƐץ Ħ. QʋÎиИ Ő'Ħαωкιиѕσи
The ScratchN Post!
KittyCatS! Auction!
The ScratchN Post!
6:30 p-slt
7:00 p-slt
7:30 p-slt
8:00 p-slt
8:30 p-slt
9:00 p-slt
9:30 p-slt
10:00 p-slt
10:30 p-slt
11:00 p-slt
11:30 p-slt
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